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Gaming (MEG) Policy


Your guide to sensible gambling

Gambling can be great fun, but it’s also important to know when to stop and what the danger signs are. So we’ve produced this leaflet to help you to stay informed, whether you’re concerned about a friend or worried about your own gambling.

So what should you look out for?

  • Treating gambling as a way of ‘making money’
  • Borrowing money without paying it back
  • Starting to have money difficulties and debts

Here’s where to start if you feel like you need some help

  • Remember you’re not alone
  • Try to always talk to someone you trust, a partner, a friend, professional person or Gamblers Anonymous- Dublin (01) 8721133 / Cork (087) 2859552
  • Always be honest with yourself and others
  • Look out for patterns in your behaviour for instance, do you gamble when you’re bored or stressed?

What should you do if you are concerned about someone close to you?

  • Always bear in mind that it’s a serious matter and gamblers can’t ‘just stop’
  • Don’t forget that gamblers are good at lying to themselves as well as to you
  • make them responsible for the consequences of their gambling
  • Never condemn them. it could well drive them back to gambling

Where to get help

Gamblers Anonymous is an Irish organisation that offers a variety of care services and communication channels for those who are affected by problem gambling. Individuals can receive information, advice, support or counselling by getting in contact with Gamblers Anonymous, Dublin (01)8721133, Cork (087)2859552